Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

A Wrong Prophetic Practice – Do You Do it Often?

There exists proper prophetic protocol in churches and young prophets are very open to stepping all over it and not obeying it. This article is about something I did often and yet the Lord is not happy about and I have stopped doing it a lot.

A church is a sacred building full of precious sheep to the Lord of Hosts. The Lord Jesus appoints a shepherd to each church and they are there to teach the flock, to mature the flock and keep the flock entrusted to him safe. One of the Shepherds jobs is to keep the sheep safe from being hurt.

From time to time a young prophet with a good gift of prophecy visits their church and gets a “prophetic word” for one of his flock and without the pastors knowledge this experienced young prophet approaches their flock and delivers the prophecy. The young prophet may think the prophecy is very edifying to the person, yet the young prophet might not know the fallout that the prophecy might bring about on that person and how even a nice sounding prophetic word can have devastating consequences in that person life.

Proper prophetic protocol is for a young prophet to find a pastor in the church and share the prophecy with the pastor and point out the person that it is for. The pastor knows a whole lot more how his flock is going to take the prophecy and has the discernment as to whether his flock can handle the word right now.

What took me a very long time to work out is that I am like a radio receiver for the Request prophetic word. I can walk down the street and know something about every single person and yet the Holy Spirit only directs me to some of the people. For the other people I pray for them. It took me a long time to lose my pride and know that I could very well get a prophetic word for a member in another mans church and for it not to be the right time to deliver it. If I put my pride away, and I really feel the Lord wants me to share the prophetic word, it is only a little more effort to seek out and elder of the church or the pastor and share the prophetic word with them and get their permission to share it with the person.

Many of you will read this and not agree with me. I was once on your side.


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