Saturday Sep 24, 2022

Are There Too Many Life Coaches Who Have No Clue As To What They Are Doing?

Not long ago, I was speaking with a gentleman who’d become a life coach and he noted that so many of the folks out there on the social networks trying to gain more clientele don’t have nearly the life experience that he had. Yet, at the same time he’s finding it very hard to compete against them. Well, let’s talk about this because many of the best life coaches are not the best marketers and the best online marketers probably aren’t very good at coaching much of anything.

In discussing this all with him, I noted that I was unconvinced that a “Life Coach” should put all their eggs in one basket and solely use online marketing to acquire new clientele. You see, there are many ways to market, and yes, by all means use online venues because they are cheap and inexpensive (more bang for the buck), but also consider other strategies in your marketing mix and playbook.

Indeed, one of my biggest pet peeves about coaches is that a good many Yoga Classes For Everyday Athletes of these coaching folks have never really succeeded at anything, they have a miserable family life, bad financial situation, poor health, and spiritually screwed up to boot. Most of these folks need to hire a life coach not become one in my view.

What is really needed for coaches and their background or resume, and I am sure you’d agree is strength of character, which comes from overcoming adversity, recognizing opportunity, and living with integrity. A true coach can see people making mistakes and help their clients to readily see it too, so the client can modify their outlook and see the rewards of living in a more fruitful way.

So, I heard the gentleman who was trying to compete online with his coaching business say that he had 99% more life experience than half the wannabe coaches out there, I wasn’t the least surprised. And yes, everyone has to start somewhere I suppose, but maybe they should start by “getting a life” and looking in their own mirror before becoming a coach and messing up someone else’s life worse?

Now then, it seems to me that online venues may not be the best way to find clientele, referral based is best, but a secondary marketing strategy would be online. An Internet presence is needed these days otherwise you are not real. And you need to project that realness to get clients, but you also need to make sure you are real, before you go around coaching anyone else you see? Please consider all this and think on it.


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