Friday Jul 01, 2022

How to Keep Food Fresh Longer

Since the dawn of agriculture, humans have had the same problem: How to store food. Industrialized countries today thrive on refrigeration, but there are still many people for whom a daily trip to the market is necessary to have the freshest food. Traditionally, people have stored their food by drying it, smoking it, salting it, […]

Hill Stations and Backwater Resorts

When one speaks of the God’s Own Country of Kerala, what comes into our mind would be that of the swaying coconut palms, the peaceful backwaters, the misty and romantic hill stations, the gushing waters of the waterfalls, the rolling waves on the golden beaches, the majestic historical forts and so on. The land of […]

Roadside assistance by Towing Milpitas

Towing Milpitas not only provides towing services but also roadside assistance and services. Roadside assistance refers to mechanical services that are structured to help the drivers make minor fixings and adjustments to vehicles that broke down. These minor adjustments include; dead battery, a flat tire, locked out of car or any other needed repairing to your […]

Short Essays On Rural Oaxaca Mezcal Production

The rural mezcal producers of Oaxaca keep the tradition as pure as it was centuries ago. They pepper the villages and roadsides where tourists rarely venture. Their operations are a far cry from those of Benevá, Oro de Oaxaca, the brands of the Chagoya family, and the few designer labels vying with one another to […]

Finding a Good Car Air Freshener

The scent of a brand new car can be very pleasant. Unfortunately, that smell can fade rapidly if your car is not kept clean. Odors from trash, dirt, smoking, etc can affect how your car’s interior can smell. Keeping your car clean can help avoid this problem and keep odors out. This can also help […]

Printing your own Stand up Pouches

If you have kids or a dog or a cat running around the house, or if you are just plain allergic to dust and pollen, or if you are used to traipsing in and out of your house with your shoes on, then your carpets definitely need regular vacuuming as in once a day and […]

Horniest Goat Weed Review – How Does It Work?

Horniest Goat Weed is a relatively new product on the market for male enhancement. It is designed to be a very potent formula that helps men with a wide variety of sexual dysfunctions. Because men who suffer from erectile dysfunction usually suffer from more than just erection problems, this male enhancement pill helps with achieving […]

How to Build an Email List Today

Back around 12 years ago I did a lot of email marketing to rented email lists. Then we had the spam email explosion and that basically killed the rented email marketing universe, just because people were getting too much email. I have never been in agreement with Seth Godin’s idea that you must never email […]

Men’s Wedding Rings: Yesterday and Today

Wedding rings for men did not become common until the Second World War, when U.S. Soldiers began to wear them to publicize their marital status. Since that time, Men’s wedding rings have become ever more popular. Although not all men choose to wear wedding rings, those who do will find themselves with quite an array […]

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