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CPS Test – Click per second Test

click per second test

CPS Test:

“Click per second” is referred to as CPS. This CPS test determines how quickly you can click the mouse in a specific amount of time. It determines your click speed at any given moment, establishes a benchmark for others, and declares the winner of the clicking speed test if someone can surpass your result.

Playing this entertaining click per second test to pass the time has no age restrictions. To enhance your clicks per second for clicking games, you must practice on this cps test if you are a gamer who wants to up their cps score to become a pro gamer.


How effective is the CPS test?

In a range of real-world and virtual contexts, a strong CPS test is helpful. For utilizing a laptop for regular tasks and when playing video games, a fast clicking speed is highly useful.

It is well recognized how important CPS is to gaming industry. The design of eSports competitions, the growth of online communities, and the multiplayer gaming experience have all been shown to be advantageous to the participants’ health and welfare.


How can I increase my clicking speed?

Consider using the advice below to quicken your cps:

Use a variety of mouse click methods, such as the Kohi clicking, the butterfly clicking, the jitter clicking, or the drag clicking.

  • In the computer’s settings, try to increase the mouse’s sensitivity.
  • Instead of using a conventional mouse, use a gaming mouse.
  • Increasing the frequency of mouse speed practice, such as when playing video games.


What are the Fastest clicking method?

These are the four fastest clicking methods.

  • Regular Clicking

The normal mouse clicking for opening a folder or clicking for any computer job is known as “regular clicking.”

  • Jitter Clicking

A modified version of regular clinking is jitter clicking. In contrast to the regular clicking, we may achieve higher CPS scores in this approach.

  • Butterfly Clicking

This modified method of “jitter clicking” is butterfly clicking which is incredibly efficient for increasing clicking speed. We use our middle and index fingers for this method.

  • Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is the fastest clicking method of CPS test. This method involves creating friction between the mouse button and our fingers by dragging them across either the right or left button of the mouse.

Clicks per second world record:

We practice on to increase our mouse clicking speed. This website is user friendly and has various time frames and variations like cps test in 1 second, cps test in 5 seconds, cps test in 10 seconds or many more.

If you want to check the click per second record, you should go to clicks per second tester because it lists every world record, such as;

  • fastest cps in 1 second
  • fastest cps in 3 seconds
  • fastest cps in 5 seconds
  • fastest cps in 10 seconds
  • fastest cps in 15 seconds
  • fastest cps in 30 seconds
  • fastest cps in 60 seconds
  • fastest cps in 100 seconds
  • fastest cps in 180 seconds


Not only that, if you want to check the list of average cps speed, such as;

  • average cps in 1 second
  • average cps in 3 seconds
  • average cps in 5 seconds
  • average cps in 10 seconds
  • average cps in 15 seconds
  • average cps in 30 seconds
  • average cps in 60 seconds
  • average cps in 100 seconds
  • average cps in 180 seconds

If so, then this click per second tester is for you. Visit this site and you will get all information about “CPS Test





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