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Internet MLM Lead Generation and What I Learned From It In 2010

2010 was a year of learning and growth for me, especially when it comes to internet MLM lead generation. In fact, it was down-right eye-opening. I discovered that there is a fast track to successfully generating leads online if you have cash. Then there’s the slower but more stable and foundational path. One that requires more elbow grease and patience, but is ultimately more rewarding and best of all, FREE.

Internet MLM lead generation Strategy 1: Content Marketing

Here’s the thing guys and gals. In 2010, I focused on learning how to generate free leads following David Wood’s article marketing techniques. In terms of internet MLM lead generation, this is by far my favorite strategy. It’s slower to bear fruit, but it’s free. It’s also more targeted, which means your leads, and ultimately your prospects are higher quality too. In fact, all my affiliate commissions have come primarily from free article marketing efforts. Not surprisingly, it also produced sign ups into my primary business opportunity. It just works.

Internet MLM lead generation Strategy 2: Social Media

Then there’s social media. Specifically, I’m talking about facebook lead generation strategy and Twitter. While I haven’t really worked this internet MLM lead generation with too much gusto, it’s shown tons of promise. Especially when you learn how to leverage your own branded Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook’s fabulous PPC engine. Speaking of Facebook pay-per-click, I had phenomenal results on a brief test run. I managed to generate more leads in three days than I had all month using Facebook PPC. But here’s a word of caution: test, test, test your landing page and your capture pages. Leads on Facebook can be dirt cheap, but they are no good if your landing pages aren’t converting your visitors.

Internet MLM lead generation Strategy 3: Pay-Per-Click

For 2011, however, I am going to focus on taming the Google AdWords monster. When it comes to MLM lead generation, every internet marketer seems to have been G-slapped and taken to the driers. But it had to happen. Too many people abusing the system, pocketing maddening amounts of easy money without providing true value to Google’s customer. Not going to fly with the “G” consortium.

That said, if you’re going to learn how to dominate internet MLM lead generate and get instant results, you have to learn how to use pay-per-click. Especially Google’s billion-dollar AdWords engine. Just cause they closed the door on replicated websites and one-page squeeze pages doesn’t mean you can’t have an effective internet MLM lead generation that includes Google pay-per-click. You just have to learn how to do it to their liking and standards. Not really that hard if you just bring a tiny bit of imagination and creativity to the table.

The importance of leveraging pay-per-click

Why is this important? Because every headline from almost every superstar internet network marketer advertising online is based on their results from pay-per-click. Yes, many will now teach you or at least claim to teach you powerful free MLM lead generation strategies using content marketing and social media, for instance. But that’s not how most of them made their money and built gigantic downlines. Trust me on that one.

The silver lining though is that when Google shut the door on the pay-per-click MLM lead generation madness, it forced marketers to really apply themselves. It forced them to really brand themselves and market exceptional value to their website visitors. At the end of the day, that’s what Mike Dillard’s attraction marketing course, Magnetic Sponsoring, is all about.

So what’s the real skinny on internet MLM lead generation?

Internet MLM lead generation works. I have the lead emails and commission notifications to prove it. But it didn’t happen until I aligned myself with people in-the-know. If you’re looking to build your business online, I highly suggest you partner with people who are having success in this field. There are many great turn-key marketing systems like MyLeadSystem Pro that train you how to build your MLM home based business online. But honestly, you’re going to need to someone to guide you along the way if you want to cut down the learning curve.

In the end, Internet MLM lead generation has been hugely successful for those who realize and understand that building your business online is about branding you and providing excellent value to your leads and prospects. Learn the basic formula to do this and you’ll generate massive results in no time. And of course, if you have a little cash to play with, hit the pay-per-click circuit and start counting your leads in mere hours, not days. Honestly.

After almost a decade working as an accomplished advertising professional, Camilo Machado became fascinated with internet marketing, attraction marketing and how to leverage technology to build thriving home-based businesses online.


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