Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

Is a 2010 Ford Escape the Right Vehicle For You?

So, if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you’ve probably taken a good hard look at some inexpensive, different cars, SUVs, trucks and so forth. But, before you go and make price your sole priority, consider for a moment what your (and your family’s) needs may be in the coming years. And consider that a 2010 Ford Escape might be just what you’re looking for.

Think for a moment that, while a regular car might have certain advantages such as being a bit more maneuverable and smaller, there are disadvantages as well. For one, cars, though more safe than even 10 years ago, can still be reduced to pulp in a bad collision. By virtue of its larger size, the 2010 Ford escape room is safer. Consider also that it is higher up off of the ground and as such the driver has much better visibility.

Another thing to think about when deciding whether or not this type of vehicle is for you is how you will spend your leisure time with family. If you as a child, ever had to share the back seat of a car with siblings, you know what I’m getting at here. There is much more room and space for the kids as well as all the stuff they “can’t live without.” Just this reason alone makes considering a 2010 Ford Escape worth it.

But what if you and your spouse don’t have or don’t want children? Wouldn’t a car make more sense. Not so! consider for a moment that a car has one purpose: to take you from point A to point B. If you want to tow anything larger than a small trailer, you’re out of luck. This is something to consider if you like to travel. In today’s economy it is most likely not wise to buy an RV with all the luxuries. Far better, then to get a smaller trailer. This of course means you can take your bed with you and still go into town. A 2010 Ford Escape is prefect for this style of travel.

This is the one big benefit to consider when looking at a Ford: versatility. With the ability to tow a trailer, or boat, you can in fact, expand your hobbies as well. Consider the costs that can be involved if you SCUBA dive. As an avid diver, I can attest to the fact that by the time you’ve rented the equipment you need, and chartered a boat for the day, you’ve spent quite a bit. And you’re not even in the water yet! However, with a 2010 Ford Escape, you can be your own charter and you’re not at the mercy of scheduling conflicts either. Grab your gear (and friends!) take the boat to the lake and spend the rest of the day diving. By simply picking the right vehicle and doing your research first, you’re quality of life can be improved.


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