Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Is a Non Surgical Breast Lift Possible?

Non Surgical Breast Lift – Lift Bust Without Surgery
When it comes to breast lifts, you can either go under the knife in the form of a breast augmentation, or you can choose a non invasive breast augmentation. This non invasive breast augmentation or a non surgical breast lift as it is some times called. Regardless of what you call it, the surgical breast lift is practically risk free and in some cases it can even be healthy for you. In most forms of non surgical breast lifts, one would use a breast pump which works by placing tension on the breasts in order to stimulate growth in the chest region.

These breast pumps can be both electric as well as manual form, but they all do the same thing which is to help stimulate breast growth. What it does is to pull on the epidermis creating a slight gap which in turn the body tries to fill up this gap in a manner which increases the breast size.

Another form of non surgical breast lift is that which is slightly invasive by the means of using thread and barbed hooks to but the pressure in the skin of the breasts which in turn has the same outcome as a breast pump. The difference with the use of barbed hooks and thread is that the shape and contour of the finished product can be better controlled while at the same time allowing for a little more tissue growth than the use of a pump.

Besides using these types of breast lifts, one may even opt for a natural enhancement. From various herbal remedies which focus on new tissue growth by the means of natural supplements to that of the hormone replacement therapy. In recent studies, it has been shown that an increase of estrogen will stimulate new cell growth where there was none previously. This can also include the increase of cell growth of breast tissue.

No matter which alternative you choose, the outcome is the same. Some people can actually use a non surgical breast lift with great outcomes however some may not be able to see any growth at all. When a natural or non invasive procedure fails to work your only real choice is to undergo a breast augmentation, but it is worth it in some cases to try those that are risk free first then those which have certain risks.

The above information will help you make a informed decision regarding breast lift without surgery and other options.


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