Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

Laugh Your Woes Out With Free April Fools Ecards

April fools day. April 1 of our calendars. It’s one of those days that are meant to be free to have all the fun and pleasure. Pulling pranks and joke telling are the order of the day on April fools day. Its really one of the craziest day of the year.

If you’re short on ideas to pull. Then sending especially designed free ecards to your friends, lover, relative or anyone you wish to fool simply for fun and pleasure will do. Well there are lots of free ecards sites that help you to achieve your mischievous plan. What’s more there are ecards that have music and animated text to up the fun factor, its really cool.

Online greeting cards are one of the most sought-after items in the net when April Fools Day comes. Unlike ordinary greeting cards, electronic cards are much easier and faster to send. People from different parts of the world can have access to the wide array of free April Fools electronic greeting cards. All they need to do is to click and fill up the needed information as to whom, when and where the ecard will be sent. Sending of ordinary cards could go through several hassles that can delay the process. With online greeting cards, sending it to the people concerned can be done in just a click, and that will take almost no time at all.

You might be asking how, why or when April Fools Day started. There are varied explanations how it became a regularly celebrated occasion. April Fools Day is said to have originated in Europe in the late middle age period. However the people during those times did not keep a record of those events so it is difficult to pinpoint the exact date of its origin. Even before, April Fools Day is characterized by foolery and trickery.

The celebration of April Fools Day vary among nations and cultures. Some countries have days and even weeks of celebration. The Romans celebrate the festivals in the 25th of March. The celebrations are done through several festivals. One of which is the Saturnalia, now known as the New Year’s Day. For a day, the people are allowed to make a fool of themselves. Some slaves are even allowed to pretend as if they rule their masters. In France, April Fools Day is called the Poisson d’ Avril or “April Fish.” In some areas, the children used a picture of a fish to denote that they are to play a prank on someone in connection to the celebration of the April Fools Day 2022.

No matter where you are, free electronic greeting cards can make you stay connected with people close to your hearts especially during April Fools Day. You can send them a laugh through animated, funny, and free electronic greeting cards. But of course, make sure that you have the right email information to ensure that your loved one will receive the card you sent.


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